The consortium is made up of the producers Feudo Antico CTSCA, Vigneti Radica and Cantina Coltivatori Diretti Tollo CCDD. It was born as a tool to harmonize each step of the production process with the aim ofoperating according to the three main parameters that had first led to the DOP label and, later on, the DOCG: tradition, man, research. DOCG Tullum main goal is to strengthen the producers’ aspirations towards improved production and economic conditions, in an area with such an old winemaking tradition.The consortium has always paid particularattention to the preservation and promotion of the archaeological heritage of San Pietro di Tollo, as a mean to boosting the development of the area in the long term.

DOCG regulation

The Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin “Terre Tollesi” or “Tullum” is only granted to wines meeting the conditions and requirements regulated by law. Regulations sets out the details of the winemaking and labelling standards that include a low-yield production, the exclusive use of native vine varieties, and cellar practices respectful of the quality of the product. Tullum introduces for the first time the concept of single vineyards cru. Regulations identify which vine varieties are allowed on the specific single plot. Grapes, with the exception of vineyards located at an altitude of less than 80 m above sea level,must be harvested, vinified, and bottled within the same production area. The planting density must not be lower than 1.600 plants per hectare for the pergola abruzzese system, and lower than 4.000 plants per hectare for vine rows. Learn more about the regulations safeguarding the high-quality of our products:

Download the DOCG Regulation