Terre Tollesi o Tullum DOCG

DOCG Tullum (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) grants the wine producers of Tollo,a wonderful small town in Abruzzo, the recognition of more than a thousand-year experience in winemaking, and in preserving the excellence of their wines through an accurate selection process.

A DOCG speakingthe language of its own land

The intimate relationship between terroir, vine variety, and traditions is what makes Tollo wines unique. What makes Tollo’s wine unique is the intimate relationship between terroir, vines, and traditional winemaking. DOCG Tullum ensures precise adherence to rigorous winemaking standards, providing a label that consumers can trust.

Tollo: Abruzzo’s gem

Sandwiched between the Adriatic Sea and the Majella mountains, the Tollo area has always been devoted to vines. Wine growing, and the consumption of grape and wine have here very ancient roots, dating back to Roman times.
Our Land

Modern wineswith ancient roots

DOCG Tullum denotes winemaking excellence, resulting from the combination of a unique terroir and deeply rooted traditions. Vine varieties like Montepulciano, Pecorino, and Passerina have developed here their own traits, specific to the Tollo area, features that make these wines unique.

DOCG Tullum,an excellence that must be safeguarded

DOCG Tullum safeguards the winemaking process of native vines’ selected grapes, resulting from years of experiments, studies, and historic research that are expression of the region’s viticulture tradition dating back more than a thousand years.

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